Welcome to my home page - peterschoukaiser.dk

I started snorkeling at my parents summer cottage when I was a litltle boy and have been fascinated by the amazing ocean life ever since. 

I took my first open water dive in 1998 in the Philippines.

In 2003 I bought my first UW camera. A 2 million pixels Canon A40 in a Canon UW housing. That started my passion for UW photography.

In 2006 I finally got the time to bee more serious about my diving and underwater photography. 

Oceans around the world are under big presure due to overfishing, pollution and plastic. We human the must intelligent creature on earth takes the oceans and the nature for granted that the world belong to us only. We think that we can do whatever we want and get away with it. But we are very much dependent by a healty nature and oceans and and only we can act on that.

Hopefully by showing my pictures can change the way we are thinking.


Enjoy and warm welcome to a amazing underwater world